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Flatwater Canoe Instructor's Course

Fast Facts
Description: An instructor-level course for those wanting to teach novice paddlers flatwater canoeing skills
Dates: Offered as a custom course in 2014 on demand.
Price: n/a
Prerequisite: NSA Flatwater Canoeing Skills or equivalent experience
Length: 28 hours over 4 days
Ratio: One instructor to eight students
Certification: Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Tandem Instructor
Course Fee Includes: Certified instruction, fully outfitted canoes, all meals/snacks, all Paddle Canada registration and course fees, course manuals and teaching materials. Participants must register and pay Paddle Canada candidate instructor fees separately (approx $75).

Become a Paddle Canada Certified Canoe Instructor


canoe instructor course

This canoeing instructor course is designed to provide proficient paddlers with the skills and knowledge to teach Introductory and Intermediate canoeing skills. It’s designed for canoeists with flatwater skills and experience who want to teach beginners well.
Taught by a certified Paddle Canada Instructor, certification as an Intro or Intermediate Lakewater Tandem Canoe Instructor may be achieved on this course. Those not wanting certification are also welcome.

This course is both theoretical and practical and includes:
•    A review of personal paddling skills to ensure a complete technical understanding and demonstration quality boat control.
•    Cover various teaching techniques and situations specifically the Paddle Canada IDEAS approach
•    Practice teaching of skills and theory (with feedback) among participants and optimally real students.
For this course we are compressing 4 days into 3 and to ensure complete coverage and practice time there will be evening sessions and homework in advance of the course

Prerequisites (for those seeking certification):
•    First Aid and CPR (16 hour) – (our WFA First Aid (16 hrs) runs June 2 & 3, 2012).
•    Paddle Canada Intermediate or Advanced Lake Tandem skills certification according to the Instructor level applying for OR equivalent skills as evaluated by the Instructor Trainer Canoe Instructor
Note that you will get the most from this course by arriving with a high degree of proficiency with Intermediate Lake Skills including boat handling (described below), rescue skills, navigation, and weather interpretation.

We recommend that paddlers registered for the program who do not have a high degree of proficiency in intermediate skills spend some time in advance (at NSA or elsewhere) reviewing and practicing skills. This may be arranged with NSA at a reasonable fee. Pre-course assignments if required by the Instructor trainer will be made available on this site. See detailed course info for more information.

Successful Introduction Lake Tandem Instructors are certified to:
- conduct courses and certify paddlers at the Basic and Introduction Tandem levels
- assist on an intermediate Lake Instructor trainer or Intermediate skills course

Successful Intermediate Lake Tandem Instructors are certified to:
- conduct courses and certify paddlers at the Basic, Intro and Intermediate Tandem levels
- assist on an advanced Lake Instructor trainer or advanced skills course

At the Intermediate Lake Tandem level you will be qualified and certified to teach:

Safety and Rescue/ Rescue Skills (theory): Weather Information (Interpretation), Exposure Aliments, Accident Prevention, Communication and Leadership Requirements, Principles of Effective Rescues & Organization, First Aid Kit

Rescue Skills – Practical: Deep Water Exit & Swimming Canoe to Shore (swamped), Canoe over Canoe (timed), Parallel Rescue, Towing Canoe and Swimmers, Assisting Swimmers into Canoes, Throw Bag Practice

Paddling Skills & Strokes: Enter and exit a canoe along a rocky shore line, Refining timing and switching sides, Draw (underwater recovery), Cross Bow Draw, Sculling Draw, Righting Pry, J Stroke, Reverse J Stroke, Traditional / Punch Stroke, Pry

Manoeuvers: Triangular Course (100 metres), Sideslipping along a 5 metre dock (both ways), Figure Eight (2), Docking, Inside and Outside Turns, Reverse in a straightline 25 metres

Knowledge: Canoe History (personal/local/regional/national), Canoe and Equipment Materials, Knots, Basic repair kit items, Emergency kit items, Transport Canada "Guided Excursion" Regulations, Float Plan

Course Evaluation and Certification:
Candidates will be evaluated on their skills, behaviour and general attitude; potentially by written test where a min of 80% is required to pass; and by a minimum of two teaching demonstrations (one theory and one on water) at the Intro or Intermediate Tandem Instructor level. To complete the course candidate instructors are also required to prepare and submit a Paddle Canada Intro or Intermediate Lakewater canoe course outline.

If certification is not important to you- great.  Rest assured you’ll be getting top notch instruction from qualified instructors who love sharing their passion for paddling with you.

Course Location
The course is based from Naturally Superior Adventures/Rock Island Lodge and all meals and theory sessions are provided from the comfort of the lodge. Course accommodations include comfy tent sites on our beach (bring your tent or rent from us) or alternatively, rooms are available (at an additional cost) at Rock Island Lodge. Reduced rates are available for course participants. Fully equipped canoes, paddling tops and wetsuits are provided as part of the course as is an Instructor’s manual.

About the Instructor:

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