A landscape photography workshop with professional photographer Rob Stimpson

In November, storm chasing photographers flock to the north shore of Lake Superior Stormwatching on Lake Superior to capture the wild gales of autumn. In this workshop, hosted by Rock Island Lodge, award-winning pro photographer Rob Stimpson helps you record your best images of Superior’s power. This landscape photography instruction course is designed for both amateur and professional digital shutterbugs with a passion for water, wilderness and unpredictable weather.

In this landscape photography course, you will learn the basics of taking better pictures—f-stops, shutter speeds, ISO and depth of field—as well as the technological nuances of using a digital camera and related computer software. Over the four-day course you will have plenty of time for feedback and sharing your images with the rest of the class. Prices include home-cooked meals and accommodations at Rock Island Lodge and nearby motels.

More information is available through Rock Island Lodge.