Wawa Kids Day Camp

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Camp Description:

Join our fun and friendly leaders in a week of adventures at Naturally Superior Adventures’ base. We’ll go on nature treks where you’ll learn about the plants and animals in our area; play some fun outdoor games; try kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding. Learn camping and wilderness survival skills like outdoor cooking, fire making and shelter building. Older kids will participate in an overnight camp-out.

2016 Dates:

Session 1: 6-8 yr olds- Monday - Friday (8:30am-4:30pm)
Session 2: 9-12 yr olds- Monday- Friday (8:30am-4:30pm)
Session 3: 13-15 yr olds- Monday July 18- Friday July 22 (8:30am-4:30pm)
COMING 2017! Session 4: 15-17 yr olds- Monday - Friday July (8:30am - 4:30pm)


Session 1: Budget: 6 - 8 year olds:
Van (max 9) transport & daily lunch/snacks = TBD
Parent/guardian transport & daily lunch/snacks =

Session 2: Budget: 9 - 12 year olds:
Van transport (max 9) & daily lunch/snacks =TBD
Parent/guardian transport & daily lunch/snacks =

Session 3: Budget: 13 - 15 year olds:
Van transport (max 9) & daily lunch/snacks = $283

Session 4: Budget: 15 - 17 year olds:
Van transport (max 9) & daily lunch/snacks =TBD
Parent/guardian transport & daily lunch/snacks = TBD

Payment options:
1. Register and pay by cheque.
2. Register call with CC details
3. Register and visit our location to pay by Debit, MC or Visa

Please pay in full or make arrangements by June 15th.

If we have not received payment or made arrangements by then your child's spot may be made available to another on the wait list.


Outdoor adventure staff; all equipment plus transportation from Wawa and back each day.

Make Sure You Bring:

All Sessions: Proper clothing for conditions
Session 3 & 4: 13 – 17yr olds will need a sleeping bag for the overnight camping excursion


Located on Lake Superior and adjacent the Michipicoten River our base is a prime location for outdoor activities and learning. We have a plethora of watercraft to play with; kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards and a very stable 36ft Voyageur Canoe.

Our protected beach on the Michipicoten River includes a covered pergola with picnic tables and an 18 ft diameter tipi in case of inclement weather. Exercise and fresh air are abundant.

Talented and dedicated staff

Our outdoor program facilitators are mature, safety minded and come from various outdoor recreation and educational backgrounds. They are very comfortable and competent in an outdoor setting and are fun and caring. We maintain a 1 staff to 6 child ratio for safety and to facilitate personal attention for each child.

All boats are transport approved and are fully equipped. Everyone on the water must wear and approved lifejacket if not provided by parents/guardians then by us.

Experience the Outdoors

The outdoors is a big part of being a “Northerner”.  Kids will develop character building values; self-reliance in the outdoors; new problem solving skills; respect for others and the environment; new water sport skills and build new friendships.  They can learn, grow and thrive in an atmosphere that is fun.

Main Program areas:

Nature Exploration:  Tandem and 36ft voyageur canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddling in the warm sheltered waters of the Michipicoten River. If the lake decides, we can venture out onto Lake Superior when it is calm. Hike the Voyageur trail from Silver Falls to High Falls or potentially the Bridget Lake Trail and paddle back across the river to finish at our NSA base.

Outdoor Living and Camping Skills: Thrive in the great outdoors with skills such as shelter building; map & compass, outdoor safety; water purification and sanitation; basic first aid and self care skills. Learn Leave No Trace principles and learn to care for outdoor spaces and our shared lands.

Supportive Program Areas

Crafts and Games: Enjoy making crafts such as wood medallions, flower pressing, plant rubbings, bird feeders, animal clay creations.  Explore habitats with animal bingo, or learn to identify plants and trees with nature scavenger hunts. Play hiking games campers can teach their families such as camouflage, and a myriad of other tag and active games.  

Sample Schedule:


Tandem Canoe – We’ll cover the basic skills at our beach and then take a paddle tour up Michipicoten River, past the abandoned Hudson Bay post to Silver Falls. Swim and lunch at Silver Falls pool then return to NSA


Lost & Found- The 5 Ws of wilderness lost & found, Ooops! –  Wilderness survival gear exercise, wilderness shelter building, basic map & compass.


Double Sea Kayak – Basic training in morning including doing wet exits, forward stroke, pivots, braces, stop & reverse in the warmer bay of the river. Weather permitting, we’ll tour to Sandy beach for lunch & a swim, then continue to Michipicoten Bay island chain then back to NSA. Bad weather alternative is to head up the Michipicoten River


Interpretative Hike –We’ll get dropped off  at High Falls in the morning and we’ll hike the Voyageur Trail to Silver Falls for lunch, then on to Medicine Cave (semi sacred Ojibway location), then on to NSA. Total distance is approx: 5km.

Session 3: kids will learn campsite skills and overnight on our beach or paddle to a nearby protected campsite to overnight.

Friday:Stand-Up-Paddleboards SUP – Born in Hawaii; SUP is North America’s the fastest growing water sport. Youth will learn the basics in the bay during the morning then take a tour to Driftwood beach in the afternoon.

 Please note that actual Schedule will vary according to weather, guide and group preferences/dynamics.

Any questions please feel free to email [email protected] or call 705-856-2939 (800-203-9092).

Pre Camp Packages:

Pre camp package for 6-8 yr olds

Pre camp package for 9-12 yr olds

Pre camp package for 13-15 yr olds

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