Lake Instructor Certification Maintenance Clinic


Course Description:

This basic lake tandem canoe instructor recertification clinic is conducted in the final two days of our standard canoe instructor course. It’s designed to help hone your practical skills and teaching techniques and recertify you as an active Paddle Canada instructor for four years.


Instruction, boat and equipment rental, beach camping.


Reduced rate on accommodation at Rock Island Lodge B&B pre/post course subject to availability. Use Code: COURSEGUEST 
Meal Plan: $61

Review and practice of basic lake tandem and solo paddling skills for technical understanding and demonstration quality.
Review and practice applying the Paddle Canada IDEAS and other teaching approaches to on/off water tandem canoe skills and theory teaching in appropriate conditions

Look at current best practices and Paddle Canada course administration.

Course Pre-requisites: Active Paddle Canada membership

Maintaining your Paddle Canada instructor certification allows you to offer Paddle Canada sanctioned skills courses. Here’s what you need to do:
A. Annually: Maintain your annual membership in Paddle Canada
B. On the 4th year from certification or re-certification: Complete 1 of the following:

  1. Successfully complete a Paddle Canada professional development clinic in your stream and at your level, or     
  2. Successfully complete a higher Paddle Canada instructor course in your stream, or
  3. Successfully complete a customised set of requirements set and evaluated by an appropriate instructor trainer. Requirements must test paddling and teaching skills as well as current best practices.

For example, if you completed your basic canoe instructor course in 2017 and you maintain your annual membership in Paddle Canada, you have until Dec 31, 2021 (4 years) to complete the above requirements.

What if I’ve dropped the ball?

  1.  Failure to maintain your Paddle Canada annual membership: In the first year your membership status is changed to lapsed and to change to active you’ll need to pay the annual fee. After the first year, to change your membership to active you’ll need to pay the pay annual fee plus lapsed penalty fee determined by Paddle Canada.
  2.  Failure to maintain your Professional Development Requirement – each 4 years. After 4 years without participating in the professional development requirement your certification status is changed to inactive. To regain active certification you must be registered and contribute as an assistant at least one full skills course taught by a qualified Instructor Trainer.
    After 6 years without participating in the professional development requirement your certification status is changed to retired. To regain active certification you must start the certification process from the beginning.

As a successful candidate you’ll be certified to run and certify Paddle Canada Basic and Introduction Lake Canoe courses and conduct Waterfront Canoe Activities. You may also assist on an Intermediate Lake Instructor or an Intermediate skills course.

Please don’t hesitate to email us with any questions.