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Fast Facts
Options: Half-day (instruction in the morning
and afternoon is self-guided)
Full-day Instruction
Skill: Beginner Beginner
Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays(min 2) (or set up your own day) Tuesdays and Thursdays(min 2) (or set up your own day)
Price: $97 CDN
Kids <16 with parents $57
$147 CDN
Kids <16 with parents $57

This half- or full-day sea kayak instruction course is designed to introduce the novice or inexperienced person to kayak paddling. In the half-day course you will learn the basic strokes and safety procedures before spending the afternoon exploring the area on your own. The full-day course is best for those looking for more thorough sea kayak instruction.

Typical Basics coverage: kayak outfitting, proper fit, posture and balancing and wet exits; foward, reverse and stopping strokes; forward, reverse sweep and stern rudder turning strokes; bracing and sculling for support; assisted deep water rescue.

Naturally Superior Adventures’ Sea Kayak Basics provides you with confidence and a good foundation of safety and skills upon which to build. You will learn in sheltered water at our spectacular Lake Superior Paddling Centre. Both options include lunch.

Want more information? Contact us by email or call 1-800-203-9092.