Paddle Canada Level-2 Skills

Course Description:

An introduction to overnight wilderness sea kayak camping along a moderately exposed coastline. Includes multi-day trip camping.


Instructor, course materials, camping.
Participants bring own meals.


Boat rental: $80 per day Paddle Canada Level-2 certification.

This Paddle Canada sea kayak Level-2 skills course is a comprehensive 4-day coverage of skills and theory essential for proficient kayaking in moderate conditions, on overnight trips along a moderately exposed shore with frequent easy landing opportunities.

Our on-water focus will be on developing strong technical paddling and rescue skills. Also preparing for and heading out on multi-day trips. Practical theory sessions cover weather, navigation, tides and currents appropriate for kayakers.

Typically we will cover materials though a combination of lecture sessions and as part of a multiday trip. During this time skills and theory can be put to practical use with loaded boats.



Bow rescue
Eskimo paddle rescue
Scoop rescue
Eskimo roll

Safety equipment
Tides and currents
Planning a multi-day trip
First aid for paddlers

Launching/landing in rough seas
Advanced edging
Forward stroke
Sweep strokes
Support strokes
Dynamic turning strokes
Paddling in wind, waves & current

This course is for paddlers with well-practiced fundamental skills looking to refine their paddling and rescue techniques. Arrive prepared for wilderness camping and lots of time on and in the water.

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