Sea Kayak the Sibley Peninsula to Rossport

Lake Superior's Remote Island Crown

Guided and partially outfitted sea kayak excursion–nine days kayaking on Lake Superior.


July 7–16, 2024


$2845 CAD

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 Trip Includes

  • Qualified Guide(s)
  • All Meals and Snacks
  • Group Safety and Communication Gear
  • Group Camping Gear
  • Applicable Shuttles
  • Sanitary and Kitchen Gear

 Extra Trip Options

  • Meal Adjustment (Contact us if you wish to bring your own meals.)
  • Camping Gear Rentals
  • Sea Kayak and Gear Rentals

Trip Description

This quintessential trip traces the remote Lake Superior coast from Silver Islet adjacent to the Sleeping Giant to the quaint community of Rossport, Ontario. With secret agate beaches, remote lighthouses, stunning campsites and first-come, first-served saunas, it ranks among Ontario’s best kayak trips. Sea kayaking the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area is a trip of a lifetime for intermediate- to advanced paddlers.

The 10-day, 140-km (85-mile) Sibley to Rossport route stands out from other Lake Superior kayak trips because of its unique scenery. You’ll explore a vast archipelago of uninhabited islands, with the ancient mountains of the distant mainland creating an impressive backdrop. (The route’s distinctive “Whale’s Tail” shape is easily identifiable on a map of Lake Superior.) 

Starting just east of Thunder Bay, sea kayakers will be awed by the towering, flat-topped cuestas of the Sleeping Giant and surrounding landforms, which give way to jagged hills of long-cooled lava. Island shorelines are made up of mostly gravel- and cobblestone beaches and rocky points with good landings available between open-water crossings. Lake Superior’s perennially cool waters support fascinating communities of delicate arctic and alpine plants along with a verdant boreal forest of birch and spruce. 

We handle the logistics and offer this guided kayak trip in both directions, starting from Sibley and ending in Rossport or vice versa, depending on weather predictions. Plenty of open water paddling makes this Lake Superior kayak trip best for strong intermediate to advanced paddlers who are physically fit and have previous wilderness camping experience. Daily paddling distances range from 10- to 24 km (average 16 km) with a full no-paddle day included to accommodate rough weather or a more relaxed or exploratory group pace.

As one of our more advanced trips, most participants paddle single sea kayaks. Occasionally we make spaces available for less experienced paddlers in double sea kayaks. You’ll be responsible for carrying a portion of the group gear in your kayak. 

Most paddlers opt to enjoy hearty and healthy meals/snacks packed and prepared by our expert guide(s). We can accommodate a variety of dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and moderately gluten-free. The option of bringing your own meals is available for specialized diets. 

Established in 1994, Naturally Superior Adventures has become one of the best Lake Superior outfitters. We offer Lake Superior guided kayak trips, Paddle Canada sea kayak instruction, rentals, vehicle shuttles and more, as well as

*Typical trip itinerary below; actual route and camping locations may differ significantly due to logistics, conditions and the group.

Typical Trip Itinerary

Day Activity / Campsite Distance Sights & Highlights
1 Meet in Rossport and group van shuttle to Sibley. Stay at Beyond the Giant Resort for training, dinner, orientation and overnight. Rock Island; Trans Canada Highway along the scenic north shore of Lake Superior. Black Bay and Beyond the Giant Resort
2 Paddle from Beyond the Giant or Silver Islet and paddle to Porphyry Island OR Island No. 10 (weather-dependent). 14-25 Views of the Sleeping Giant, Isle Royale and the Paps; historic lighthouse at Porphyry Island
3 Paddle Island #10 16km Island No. 10 Lighthouse, Devil’s club and other arctic/alpine vegetation
4 Camp at Loon Harbour. 10km Island to island paddling; old mining claim cabin at Swede Island; “Bahia Espana” channel to Loon Harbour; abandoned logging barge.
5 No paddle/rough weather day. Built in contingency/layover day for weather or time for additional exploration.
6 Camp at Fluor Island. 24km Open water crossing to Sail Rock (sea stack); agate beaches; Lamb Island Lighthouse; silty green water of the Nipigon Channel; flat-topped hills of Fluor Island.
7 Camp at Agate Island. 12km Protected channels along Fluor Island; agate beaches; sauna, cabin and excellent hiking at CPR Slip.
8 Camp at French Harbour. 20km Arctic-alpine vegetation and terra-cotta beaches of Paradise Island; red gravel beaches of St. Ignace Island; daisystone rock formations near French Harbour.
9 Camp at McKay’s Cove. 12km Unique honeycomb basalt sea stacks and caves along the south side of Simpson Island; agate beaches; geodes at McKay Cove campsite.
10 Take-out at Rossport, Ontario. 15km Battle Island Lighthouse; Rossport Islands.

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