Covid-19 Protocols

Covid-19 Waiver

Every guest will need to sign a Covid-19 waiver before their stay or activity with us. You can fill it out now to save time on your arrival.

Vehicle Shuttles in a Covid-19 Age:

To help protect you and our drivers we’ve initiated the following protocols:

Shuttles with our Vehicle
Our RoleYour Role
-Sanitize high touch areas before and after your shuttle.
-Wear a mask if social distancing or open windows are not an option
-Avoid touching your boats & gear
-Read & sign the standard & Covid-19 waivers
-Use hand sanitizer before entering our vehicle
-Wear a mask if requested or social distancing/open air is not possible
-Handle your own gear as much as possible
Shuttles with your Vehicle
Our RoleYour Role
– use hand sanitizer before entering your vehicle
– wear a mask if requested or if social distancing is not possible
– avoid touching surfaces and your gear/boats unnecessarily
– Read & sign the standard & Covid waivers
– sanitize high touch areas before the shuttle
– wear a mask if requested or if social distancing is not an option
– handle your own gear/boats as much as possible

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Please email us at [email protected] or phone 1-800-203-9092.